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Cooking Tour

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Awesome Homestay has large home, located nearby Red River bank and takes around 5 minutes by Taxi, there is a spacious kitchen for you to cook and ideal dinning place as well as quite and wonderful view to see the river and Eiffel Bridge (1902).

Home Cooking Tour Hanoi*

"Cooking time from 9.00- 13.00 "Lunch" or 16.00 to 20.00 "Dinner"

At 9.00/ or 16.00, our tour guide will pick up at your hotel in old quarter and drive 5 minutes you to the traditional market (wet market) where you will be fascinated by the colors, noise and the smells of the foods. Strolling around market will help you discovery a variety of herbs, vegetables, meat and seafood and brings you very close to the simple life.

It is very interesting to see and to learn how a local woman chooses and buys the best quality of the fresh food from numerous food stalls in the market. With a rattan hand basket, your job is to buy some herbs and spices for the cooking tour (Herbs and spices are a very important part of authentic Vietnamese food). Raw food bought from the market will be washed and prepared quickly in the kitchen. Cooking methods and utensils will be placed properly on each table.

You will prepare and cook by yourself under the instruction of the tour guide from the beginning to the end, learning how to marinate and to spice will be the most crucial lesson. You will also enjoy decorating dishes with carrot flowers, lemon grass stems, banana leaves and curved chili.The authentic magical sauce mixed from fish sauce, water, sugar, lime, chili, garlic and herbs is very easy to make.

Around 12.00 /or 19.00, Enjoy your meal in the ideal eating place with wonderful view of Red River and Eiffel bridge, was built in 1902 by the French architect Gustave Eiffel.

Around 13.00/ or 20.00, our tour guide will transfer you back your hotel and give you recipe if you want, see you again!

* Suggested Menu (or customize your desires)
- Green papaya salad (or Banana flower salad)
- Fried spring rolls (Nem Ran)
- Steamed rice paper- roll pancake (Banh Cuon)
- Stir fried chicken with lemon grass (or Beef/ Fish/ Pork)
- Fried Vegetable (seasonal)
- Flower garnish or fruits carving
- Dessert (seasonal)

*Standard class included:
- Pick up hotel in old quarter with round trip.
- Local expert, shopping in wet market,
- Home cook & eating with hosts,
- Free drinks (fresh fruits, Hanoi beer, coffee, local wine....)
- Optional with 10 minutes biking to market.

*Superior class included:
- Standard class
- Cyclo riding "20 minutes"

*Excluded: Tips for any good services, not compulsory (your appreciation).

What is different between Group Joining Tour & Private Tour.

+ Group Joining Tour,

- You will join with other guests, and has maximum 8 guests on cooking class, sometimes less or full, depends each day.

+ Private Tour

- You will have your own tour (customize your time and food requirement), it is not sharing with other guests.

Enjoy your time with us!